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Can Mac PCs Get the Blue Screen of Death: Know Your Machine

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Everyone (almost everyone) knows about the scary ‘Blue Screen of Death’ in Windows-based PCs that when appears freezes them causing data loss or hardware crash among other problems. A similar kind of problem has been identified in Mac PCs but with a difference that ‘the color of the screen is grey instead of blue’.

Doesn’t sound good? Yes, at least to the proud owners (that’s how they call themselves) of Mac PCs who have always thought that their machine being the excellent piece of next-generation technique can never malfunction or show a stupid error message like Windows PC. However, the problem is there and in immediate reach of Mac users.

The ‘Gray Screen of Death (we may call it that way) appears when a Mac PC encounters Kernel Panic event while rebooting or using a program/application. A Kernel Panic refers to the most severe error that a Mac OSX can’t recover from.

The error shows a gray screen embellished with white texts that say “You need to restart your computer. Hold down the power button for several seconds or press the Restart button”. Besides English, the error message appears in 3 additional languages (It seems like Apple has well taken care of cross-country users).

Common Reasons of GSOD Error:

  1. Damaged or outdated drivers
  2. Corrupt/outdated utilities or programs
  3. Non-compliant or faulty external hardware
  4. Corrupt internal hardware
  5. Corrupt RAM modules
  6. Lately installed programs/applications

How to Fix GSOD Error?

For damaged/outdated drivers – If the application/program drivers have gone corrupt or are outdated, it may result into the Kernel Panic error. So, it is always advised to keep the drivers updated or if these are corrupt then replace with the new ones. You can always check your publisher’s (Apple) website for the latest, compatible driver downloads.

For corrupt/outdated utilities or programs – It is always recommended to keep your programs/utilities updated in order to make them run smoothly

For non-compliant or faulty external hardware – If an external device such as router is malfunctioning, troubleshoot for the possible reasons and get the device to working. If the device is not compatible with your Mac PC, then replace it with a compatible one.

For corrupt internal hardware – Replace the damaged hardware to avoid the problem.

For corrupt RAM modules – If the RAM modules are damaged, then replacing them is the only solution to avoid the GSOD error and make the PC work.

For freshly installed programs/applications – If you lately installed new software/application such as hard disk utility etc. that was not compatible with the OS, it is most likely to cause the Kernel Panic error.

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