Wednesday, July 13, 2011

XP Internet Security 2012: A dacoit!!!

Microsoft has been providing their users with newer versions of Windows; still XP is one of the best and has a very simple user interface. So there needs t be a very good security system in XP. But unfortunately it is not so.

When you talk about security, there is a basic need of your contents in the computer being safe. The safety of your files and folders is a must. Again the reliability of the security system should be of preserve quality. But if you expect this from the XP Internet Security 2012, you will be utterly disappointed. This application is said to be an anti-spyware, but it is not so and it misleads the users to pay for the services. You can make a call to the Microsoft Support and ask about this option in the XP Internet security 2012.

Now, when you know its fake, do not pay attention to the messages displayed by the application. Do not waste your hard earned income on a fake application but rather you can go for the best ones. Uninstall it as soon as possible and therefore get the other best application in lieu of it. Microsoft has stated that a very detailed research would be made on this malicious application.

Again, this application provides a remote access to some of the systems, which means that if you go for buying the application, your bank details will be sent to the systems which can get the remote access to your computer. So, if you are using this malicious application, make sure that you do not share any valuable information.

Buying this application will not provide you a complete computer protection. Moreover you do not get any registration key along with this application. So it is better to remain aloof from this application and search a better one. You can also get the help about the anti-virus from Online Technical Support.

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