Friday, September 2, 2011

How to Reset Dell Computer Password

The article intends to help users reset password in their Dell computer using simple methods. Though the instructions have been designed in a simple manner, it is still advised that users follow them accurately to avoid getting into common Dell PC problems and eventually contacting Dell technical Support for fixing them.

It often happens that we misplace or forget our password(s) due to busy schedules and have hard time remembering these. Things like these often occur at the most unfortunate times and users feel at a loss. If you are one of those users who have suffered from this type of situation, then the article is for you. The below mentioned guide will let you know the ways to reset your password on your own. This essentially means you won’t need to spend time on phone or chat with your Dell help & support services.


If it’s the normal user account (not the admin) that you need to reset the password for, then it can be done easily. Login to the computer using your admin password, click on the Start menu, and go to Control Panel. Locate and double click on the User Accounts icon. When the window opens, reset the password of that particular account. Retype the password in the respective field. When done, click on Apply if it is there or else click on the OK button to exit the window. Close all the windows.

If it is the Admin password that you want to reset the password for, then it can be done in two ways. Log in to your computer from another admin account (if there is more than one admin account on your computer) and reset the password for your admin account. The other way is to use the password reset disk and reset the password. It is to be noted that this password reset disk must have been created in advance. Insert it into the drive of your computer. When prompted for a password to login, type any wrong password in the box and hit Enter on the keyboard. Having recognized that you have entered a wrong password, it will prompt you to reset the password. Now you can reset your password as desired. Retype the password to confirm and get going.

Additional Tips:-

If you never created a password reset disk, create one. It is very useful especially at times when you have lost or misplaced your admin password. The disk will let you reset the password for admin account without which you won’t be able to login to your computer.

If you have lost or misplaced your admin password and never created a password reset disk, then download and install a free or paid (as per your convenience) password recovery tool from a trusted website. Follow the wizard instructions and install it on your computer. This will bring up your password in some time.

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