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How to repair PST files in Microsoft Outlook

Personal Storage Table (PST) is a type of file format that is used by Microsoft Outlook for primary email management to store messages, settings and other important data in the Outlook user environment. Sometime PST file would be corrupted that means you can’t open your messages. That time you can repaired PST file and can also use freeware for this work.
Here given methods will help to correct Microsoft outlook problem and will repair your PST files.

Recovered data will be saved to a new PST file (or several *.pst files) created by PST recovery tool. The PST repair tool can save various Microsoft Outlook items as separate files with the .eml, .vcf and .txt extensions. Here is a Six sequential steps that will help you to recover data from a corrupted PST file .
pst file recover
i) Selecting the PST file data from which you want to recovered

In this case, you should mention the path to the .pst file information from which Recovery Toolbox for Outlook should start recovers. In case there is only one Profile created for the current user whose data is stored in one .pst file, the path to this .pst file will automatically be specified in the address bar. 
ii) Scanning and viewing the contents of the selected pst file

In this case, the program asks you the following question: Do you wish to start recovery? Click the ->Yes button to start the recovery process. The program will start reading and identifying data from the selected corrupted *.pst file. The time it takes to recover data directly depends on the size of the file and the performance of your computer. A larger file and lower computer performance increase the time it takes the Outlook repair tool to read and identify data 

iii) Specify the location to save the recovered Microsoft Outlook data
In this case enter the path to save the recovered information to.
 The Microsoft Outlook repair tool gives two   information:
  1. Available free space in  the selected disk (Free disk space)
  2. Required free space for  save information into the disk (Required free disk space)
Free space must be at least twice as large as the size of the source file for you to be able to successfully save information to it. The red color of the required free disk space field means that free space available on the disk is not enough.

iv) Way of selection for saving the recovered Microsoft Outlook data
Here is two ways to save the information and choose the one of them…..
  • as a pst file
  • as separate files (.eml, .vcf and .txt)
Use the first option to use the recovered data in Microsoft Outlook. Use the second option to export data to other programs supporting the standard, such as Outlook Express or Windows Address Book. To save the recovered data as a pst file, select the Save as PST file checkbox. To save data as separate files, select the Save data separately check box.

v) Save the recovered Microsoft Outlook information
After  click on  the Save button, Recovery Toolbox for Outlook will start saving the recovered data. After the program finishes saving the data, it will display detailed data recovery statistics:
  • the path to the source *.pst file (Source PST file)
  • the number of recovered folders (Recovered Folders)
  • the number of recovered items (Recovered Items)
  • the path to the new *.pst file(s) (Saved PST file(s))
Click the Finish button after the PST recovery process is over. 

vi) Try to open  the new  pst file in Microsoft Outlook
When you save  the recovered data as a *.pst file(s) and you need to open the corrupted *.pst file, you should try start Microsoft Outlook and select the Open item in the File menu.
After that you should click the following items in different Microsoft Outlook versions:
  • Outlook Data File - in Microsoft Outlook XP
  • Personal Folders File (.pst) - in Microsoft Outlook 2000
  • Open Special Folder - in earlier versions of Microsoft Outlook
The above steps help you to repair your damaged or lost PST files.If you want recover your password then follow this article.How to Recover PST File Password in Microsoft Outlook.


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