Monday, March 12, 2012

How to Reinstall Outlook Express

reinstall outlook express
Microsoft Outlook Express does not have its own setup program. Outlook Express is an email program that is included in Internet Explorer and various versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems. Sometimes outlook express cannot work in proper way .The only way to get the program to function properly again is to reinstall it. Reinstall outlook express depends on the version which you want to installed.
Here i am giving the steps to reinstall outlook express 5.0 and 6.0.If you want to upgrade your outlook express to outlook 2010 then follow this article.How to Upgrade From Outlook Express to Outlook 2010.

Reinstall Outlook Express 5.0

Step1: Turn on your computer and click on the start menu.

Step2: Type "msoe50.inf" into the Search box and choose the option to search through files and folders. Hit the "Enter" key.

Step3: Right-click on the file and choose "Install" from the menu.

Step4: Insert the Windows CD into the computer's disc drive. Open the program and find the folder titled I386.

Step5: After finding the folder, Right-click on the folder and click "Open." Click "OK" to reinstall Outlook Express.

Step6: Restart the computer. Outlook Express 5.0 is now reinstalled on the computer.

Reinstall Outlook Express 6.0

Step1: click on start menu of your computer and type "regedit" into the Run box then press the enter key.

registry editor
Step2: Find the folder titled HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE in the Registry Editor. Open this folder and click on the "Microsoft" folder. Click on the "Active Setup" folder. Open the "Installed Components" folder. Open the folder marked 44BBA840-CC51-11CF-AAFA-00AA00B6015C. Open the folder that is inside. Right click on the file.

Step3: Type in "DWORD" under "Modify Data Type."

Step4: Type "IsInstalled" under value name.

Step5: Type in "0" for the value change.

Step6: Close the Registry Editor.

Step7: Restart the computer. Outlook Express 6.0 is now reinstalled on the computer.
 If you want to delete an autocomplete outlook address to avoid mistyped then follow this blog,How to Delete an Autocomplete Outlook Address which i have discussed in same blog.
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