Monday, April 9, 2012

How to Convert Outlook PST to Outlook Express

Microsoft outlook and outlook express are two email and contact management programs which work on different way. The programs use two separate types of files and storage methods for message, contacts, and calendar data. Following steps will help you to convert outlook .pst files to outlook express.
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Step1: In main window of outlook, click on the file menu. Then select ‘import and export’ and go to Export to a File and click on next.

Step2: Select "Comma Separated Values (DOS)," and then click on "Next." Select the folder from which you want to export your Outlook .pst files, and then click on "Next."

Step3: Type the name for the file you will be exporting into the "Save Exported File As" text box. Click "Next" and then "Finish." Try to remember the location of this exported file so you can find it when importing it into Outlook Express.

Step4: Open Outlook Express and click on "File" and then "Import." Select "Other Address Book."

Step5: Select "Text File (Comma Separated Values)," and click on "Next." Now find the .csv file you exported from Outlook in Step 3. Click "Next."

Step6: Map the text fields in the imported .csv file to the corresponding address book fields by clicking on the check boxes.

Step7: After completing the all above steps click on the box next to the "Import This Field," click "OK," and finally "Finish." Your Outlook to Outlook Express conversion is complete.

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