Monday, April 23, 2012

How to Enable ActiveX Control in Outlook

enable ActiveX control in outlook
When using Microsoft outlook, you may receive error message telling you that your security settings do not allow ActiveX controls. This can prevent you from using formatted text and animations in your email. Enabling ActiveX control will correct these errors and allow you to use the full functionality of Microsoft outlook and solve your Microsoft outlook problems. Follow the given steps to stop this error messages.
To remove security warning in outlook 2007 ,then follow my blog-How to Remove Outlook 2007 Internet Security Warning,which i have discussed in same blog.

Step1: In first steps, determine your version of outlook. At the top of your screen, you will find a tab labeled “Help. You should click this tab and select “About Microsoft Outlook.” This will display your version number. You can also see this information when your program loads.

Step2: Change the security zone in early versions of Outlook like Outlook 98 and 2000. Open your version of Outlook. Go to the “Tools “menu and then choose "Options." Select "Security" to change the zone. If you are in a restricted zone, change to a trusted zone and ActiveX will be enabled.

Step3:  Enable ActiveX when the security prompt appears. A message will appear under the menu bar. Click the "Options" button. A dialogue box will appear and you can choose to enable the content. This works in Microsoft Outlook version 2007.

Step4: Accept ActiveX content when prompted in the dialogue box. When the dialogue box appears, select "OK" to view the content.

If you want reinstall your Microsoft outlook then follow this article ,which will help you to reinstall outlook in Microsoft office- How to Reinstall Microsoft Outlook in Microsoft Office.


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