Friday, April 13, 2012

How to Troubleshoot Outlook 2007

troubleshoot outlook
Microsoft Outlook is more popular products within the Microsoft Office suite of products; the email program is widely used around the world for business as well as for personal use. Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express are two email and content management programs works on different way but include the same Microsoft Suite products such as Word, PowerPoint, and Access. Others version and 2007 included, have trouble connecting to email, but there are ways to troubleshoot this issue to be able to send and receive your email using Outlook. Following steps will help you to troubleshoot outlook 2007.
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Step1: check your internet connection .To send mail and receive mail in outlook need internet connection.

Step2: From start menu and go to control menu. Find and click "User Accounts," followed by "Mail." The Mail Setup dialog box will open.

Step3: when a new profile wizard start, click on show profiles and then add. This will start a new profile wizard to run.

Step4: Create your new profile. In the profile name box, type "Test" and then click on "OK." Click to select "Manually configure server settings" and then choose "Internet E-mail." The account type should be set to POP3. Click on next and follow prompts till completed.

Step5: To set new profile as your default profile, click on the mail then check when starting Microsoft outlook, use this profile box. Check your new profile that you just created.

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