Monday, May 14, 2012

Outlook 2007 Can't Send 3 MB Mails

outlook 2007 cant send email
The world's most popular email management software is Microsoft Outlook. Users can run into problems with Outlook 2007 when trying to send large files. These problems often occur out of the blue after Outlook 2007 has been running for a long time. It may be cause of improper security setting of some kind of another. These issues can be solved by creating a blank user profile for large emails. Retain the old profile with custom settings for smaller emails. Follow the given instruction to solve this Microsoft outlook problem.

Step1: From start menu, go to the control panel.

Step2: Double click on mail. In some cases, a single click will open the mail dialog box.

Step3: Add a mail profile. Click "Show Profiles," then "General." There are options for which profile to use when launching Outlook. Select "Prompt for a profile to be used." Click "Add."

Step4: Configure the new profile. Give the profile a name and follow the wizard to set up the profile with default settings.

Step5: Open Outlook with the new profile. Click "Start," then "Outlook." Select the new profile.

Step6: Try to send large emails. Send the email that previously gave the problem.

If you want to reinstall your Microsoft outlook then follow this article-How to Reinstall Microsoft Outlook in Microsoft Office.

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