Friday, June 22, 2012

Outlook Search Feature is Not Working

Outlook Search Feature is Not Working
 Instant Search is a feature which enables an end-user to quickly find, sort and organize email messages. If this feature is not working, either it is not enabled in the program or the directory of Outlook data files is incomplete. Follow the given steps to fix your Microsoft outlook problems.

If your outlook is not working then follow this blog,to fix this problem-Microsoft Outlook Is Not Working.

Step1: Open your Outlook and go to the “Tools” menu.

Step2: Point the cursor on "Instant Search" and click "Search Options". Under Indexing, confirm that the data files you want to include in your search are selected in the "Index messages in these data files" list.

Step3: Verify the indexing is complete or not. Click "Instant Search" on the "Tools" menu and click "Indexing Status" on the menu. Confirm that the dialog box states "0 items remaining". If the answer is different than 0, the indexing is not complete. It must finish before all Outlook folders can be searched.

Outlook Search Feature is Not WorkingStep4: Close your Outlook and again restart it. Check the indexing status that is indexing status reports “0 items remaining” and Instant Search does not return the result.

Step5: Check the number of items in the Indexing Status dialog box .If the large number of files on your computer then it will take some times. If the number of items in the dialog box has not increased, close the program. You will need to rebuild the search box.

Step6: From the “Start” menu and click “Control Panel." For windows 7 , click "System and Maintenance" and click "Indexing Options." Click on "Advanced" and click on the "Index Settings" tab. Click "Rebuild." Restart Outlook.

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