Friday, July 20, 2012

How to Repair OST files in Microsoft Outlook

How to Repair OST files in Microsoft Outlook
An OST (Offline Storage Table) file store the offline work and then synchronize changes with the exchange server when Microsoft Outlook turns online. It is possible for OST files to become corrupted, that time user unable to access those files. Using integrated tool feature user can repair OST file in Microsoft Outlook. Follow the given steps to repair OST files in Microsoft Outlook.

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Step1: If your Outlook is open then close it.

Step2: From "Start" menu, and go to the search box and type "scanost.exe".

Step3: Now OST Integrity Check Tool will open .Hit Enter to open scanost tool.

Step4: Click "Scan all folders". It may take few minutes for the scan to finish. Select "Choose folder to scan", which folder you want to scan. You can check the box preceding the line “Repair errors" to have the tool automatically resolve issues.

Step5: Select "Begin scan". The OST Integrity Tool Box will scan and fix any errors with the OST file(s).

Step6: Now you can open Microsoft Outlook.

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  2. For opening, recovering .ost file try ost recovery tool. The utility has easy to use, suitable interface. Application shows the results as a list of restored outlook data.