Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to Use Pen Drive as Ram

RAM is the memory space used by your computer to handle live data. As it pulls applications and files from the hard drive, it can store the active data in RAM, which can be accessed far quicker than the hard drive can. When you RAM starts to fill up, your computer has to start swapping data from RAM to the hard drive and back, which will slow you down greatly. To alleviate this issue, Windows 7 has a feature called ReadyBoost, which will allow you to use a USB flash drive to provide additional storage, like RAM. It isn't as fast as real RAM, but its faster than paging to the hard drive.

Note:- I do not recommend you doing this unless you are comfortable editing the Windows Settings. I will not responsible for any damage that may be caused to your PC after editing the settings by following the steps below. You proceed at your own risk or may take help from Microsoft Certified Technician at their Toll Free No. +1-877-452-9201

Below are the steps to use Flash Drive as RAM
  • Insert the flash drive into a USB port
  • Click on start button then open My Computer. Open Flash drive
  • Create back up of flash drive on another location
  • After that right-click the drive and select Format option then click on Start. Then click OK.
  • Click OK in the window that indicates the formatting is complete.
  • Right-click the flash drive again. Select Properties, and press the ReadyBoost tab.
Note:- According to ReviewSaurus, the ReadyBoost tab may not appear. If this is the case, your drive does not meet the minimum data transfer rate required, and cannot be used with this feature.
  • Choose Use this Device.
  • Under Space to reserve, click and drag the bar provided to enter the amount of flash drive space you want to allocate as RAM. ReadyBoost will not allocate any more than 4 GB.
  • Press Apply, then OK.

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