Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tips to use you XP software in Windows 7

Migration of application in Windows 7 is a very common practice amongst the people. People across the world go for various ways to migrate their applications from earlier versions of windows to Windows 7. There are various ways for migration and that too without any cost. The migration of the applications from one version of Windows to another is a daunting task as the applications designed for earlier versions may not be compatible with the new version of Windows.

There are more computers powered by windows than any other operating systems in the world. Microsoft has toiled hard to prepare the best hardware and software technology but has not raised a foot when it comes to application compatibility problem.
Migration of applications from Windows XP to Windows 7 has various problems and therefore Microsoft needs to take immediate steps in order to fix the compatibility problems. Let’s make a complete survey of the problems and the ways of rectifying them as well.

1. Prepare a list
There are many applications which run on XP but are not compatible with Windows 7. The Microsoft team prepared a list of these applications and burnt the midnight oil to fix all the issues. But out of the long list many applications could not be made compatible with Windows 7 and hence finally came up with a list of 341 applications which are compatible with Windows XP as well as Windows 7. This process took about four weeks and finally Microsoft came up with the list of application compatible with Windows 7.

2. Choosing the correct tool
Choice of tool is one of the most important segments when it comes to finding the Compatibility of different applications. Microsoft’s Application Toolkit is the best application to check the compatibility of the applications. But it is not the only option, and there are various other softwares as well. The Compatibility Administer is also a very helpful toolkit but the process used here is manual and hence it takes a lot of time. These applications are free but there are options for paid services as well. They are quite fast and easy.

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