Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mac Book won’t boot up? Get Troubleshooting tips!!!

Mac book is thought to be such a device which does not have any problem. But there are some problems with Mac book as well. The most common problem found in the Mac book is that it does not boot up. It is a nightmare for the Mac users. There are some basic troubleshooting tips which can help you restore your Mac book when it does not boot up.

The troubleshooting tips for Mac are many and therefore they are:

1. Check that the battery is well connected. Re-check the battery, the socket and all other plugs which have been connected to the Mac book. Now, have a look at the lights which confirms if the power supply.

2. Make sure that all the USB devices and the peripherals are properly connected to the Mac. If you have user replaceable parts, then you can have a look at those if they are connected properly.

3. Now after you have checked the power supply and the USB devices check the PRAM and NVRAM. Replace the PRAM and NVRAM by pressing the power button and immediately hold down Command-Option-PR. You hear the startup chime a second identical Gong persecuted.

4. If all these steps did not help you out, then there is one last thing you can do before contacting the technical support team. You can go for resetting the System Management Controller. In order to complete this process, remove the battery from your Mac and unplug the MacSafe adapter. Now press and hold the power button and insert the battery and press the power button. A sound just like a chime is heard which means that your Mac has started.

If all these tips do not help you, then it will be beneficial for you to go for Apple support and get your computer fixed by them.

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