Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tips for basic Printer Troubleshooting

Printer is such a device which is used to print the documents and therefore it is a must to all the users. But there are various issues that might come up with the printer. These errors are:

Ø Printer does not have the power indication

Ø Cables not connected properly

Ø Printer error (orange or blinking light)

Ø No paper or paper jam

Ø Inkjet printer ink related issues

There are simple tips for the easy and the simple troubleshooting…

Printer does not have power indication:

First switch on the printer and when it is on, it has a green light which means that it is getting the power supply. If it is not so then check all the cables and press the printer’s power button. But if your printer do not start after this then I would urge you to go for printer support.

Cables not connected properly:

There are two cables connected to your printer. These two cables are power cable and data cable. The power cable must have been checked while connecting the printer and make sure that your USB cable is connected properly.

Printer error (orange or blinking light):

After your printer has gone through the initial start up process, there must be a solid green light. But if the light is blinking or you get an orange light, there must be some errors with your printer.

No paper or paper jam:

Make sure that there is a paper in the paper cartridge so that the printer can print the document. Again also keep an eye at the printer so that there is no paper jam. If it is so, remove the paper from the paper from the printer.

Inkjet printer ink related issues:

If you encounter any issues related to ink, you will find a blinking orange light. If you do not get this problem then your ink replacement is ok and there is no problem with it.

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