Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Windows start up issue…Get it fixed yourself!!!

Facing problem with the computer start up? Are you enraged at your computer? Frustration runs all over your body and there is a threat of unexpected expenditure…right? There might be any hardware problem or any software error so the first step you take is calling your vendor, but the vendors never turn up…isn’t it? SO why do you worry, there is Microsoft Support always available for your help. Just make them a call at 1-887-452-9201 and fix your computer in no time. They provide great service round the clock.

Well it is their part to help you…but I definitely can provide you with some valuable information on how to fix the start up issues.

When you turn on your computer, press the F8 key. This will take you to the advanced start up option. There you will find various options. Select the Last Known Good Configuration and press Enter. The computer restarts and you can use the computer as earlier.

If it does not help, then select the Safe mode options. In the safe mode you can access the computer but with the least and the most important application in use. From here you can uninstall the malicious application which is affecting your system.

Now there is another option in the advanced start-up option and it is “safe mode with networking”. Here the important set of drivers are installed but with the availability of Internet. So if you want any help from the internet you can use through this option.

Now with the Safe mode with command Prompt option in the advanced start-up you can use the computer in command mode and use the commands to perform the various functions. It is recommended to use only when you are adept in commands.

There are other options in advanced boot option like “enable low video resolution”, “Enable boot logging”, “Directory services restore mode”, Debugging mode and many others which make you use your computer easily and moreover you can also setup the minor errors in your computer easily without going for any technical support.

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